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Single Valentine

This blog was written on 02/14/2018

Happy Valentine's Day, beautiful souls!

The day is here and it can get a little lonely if you are single. However, today does not have to be a day filled with sadness or bitterness if you do not have a partner. How can we make this a better day?

By loving. Today is dedicated to love and love comes in different kinds. If you're single and today is starting to feel a little gloomy or bitter -- Go out! Call up your single friends, invite them out for dinner, or invite them over and indulge in a night filled with celebrating your accomplishments. If you're close with your parents and/or siblings-- dedicate time to spend with them and express how much you love and appreciate them. After all, today is all about love.

If you're not in the mood to go out or you're too tired to invite someone over, then -- Spoil yourself! Dedicate tonight to completely falling in love with yourself. Dedicate today to taking care of yourself, unplug from social media, light up a candle, turn on some music, write a poem. Whatever gets you relaxed. In order to love someone else, we need to learn how to love ourselves, right? What better day to practice self-appreciation than today!

Make today all about what makes you happy. Being single does not have to be boring and sad. Take advantage of your solo journey while life prepares you to meet the next person who will sweep you off your feet. Life works in such mysterious ways, you will not spend your entire life celebrating by yourself and without a romantic partner. The right person will come and one day you will have Valentine Days filled with lots of love and surprises from your significant other. But for now, love yourself, spoil yourself, take yourself out on dates, dedicate songs to yourself, and focus on you.

Also, a great way of helping ourselves is by helping others. If you are in the mood, go feed the homeless, pass out cards and candy to your co-workers, smile at a stranger (you never know who needs a smile!). Help yourself to see the good in today. Be productive! being bored can lead us to overthinking. And guess what? Nobody has time for that!

Life is what we make it and every day counts! may your day be filled with lots of love. Whether you're choosing to spend it with parents, siblings, relative, friends or alone-- Enjoy it!

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